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About ASN’s clients

For as long as there have been restrictive abortion laws, there have been people travelling abroad to get the healthcare they need. These women and pregnant people have had to find the money to pay for their travel and for the procedure, usually as a private patient. Other costs are often incurred, including accommodation, childcare, travel documents and time off work.

ASN is an abortion fund, which means we believe “I can’t afford an abortion” should not be the only reason someone becomes a parent. ASN is here to catch those who are unable to access an abortion in their country, and who do not have the financial resources to access one abroad.

People contacting ASN don’t fall into a particular type. They have ranged in age from a woman of 53 to a child of 13. They are married, single, partnered, divorced, in or escaping abusive relationships. The majority of our service users already have at least one child. Some are pregnant due to criminal acts. Some are homeless, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, Irish Travellers, Roma, students. Some have wanted pregnancies diagnosed with fetal abnormalities. Our clients can be those who are marginalised and at risk – those in and escaping abusive relationships, people with insecure immigration status, families with pregnancies diagnosed with fatal foetal abnormalities, people who are poor. Or, people who have financial and other types of support but who need information on how to travel and help to.

At ASN we do not ask our clients how they got pregnant or why they want abortions, as the rich do not need to justify themselves. Our only criteria is financial need and our availability of funds. 

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