Coronavirus update: Abortion Support Network is closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation. As long as borders and clinics remain open, we will help those who are able to safely travel access abortions abroad. We will also provide information on safe abortion pills for home use where appropriate. If you need an abortion, please get in touch and we will help you as much as we are able. Coronavirus is simply YET ANOTHER obstacle faced by people living in countries with inadequate provision of abortion services.

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Client case studies

Every year we directly help hundreds of people access the abortions they need, with information, support with logistics and financial assistance. The Abortion Without Borders initiative has helped more than 30,000 women from Poland access abortions since December 2019. The case studies below are just some examples of how we’ve helped (names and identifying information have been removed). If you need help, find out more here.

Republic of Ireland

I am emailing from the Republic of Ireland because I need to go to England to have an abortion but I do not have the money to do so. I am really in need of some assistance as I am very stuck since I lost my job due to Covid and me and my partner are both struggling for money. My parents know but do not support what I am doing so they won’t help at all.

This is not the life I want for myself and my child. Please let me know if I have any options to terminate anywhere in Europe. I’m scared and confused and looking for help. I know it’s very late and way past viability of the pregnancy, but every prognosis I am getting is worse than the previous one.

Northern Ireland

A woman in Northern Ireland called us, prior to limited provision of abortion in Northern Ireland, asking for funding for help travelling to the Republic of Ireland for an abortion as she did not have the (minimum) €450 she was told this would cost. She was seeking an abortion in Ireland because the Northern Irish Department of Health has still done nothing to publicise the fact that residents can have free abortion care in England. She told us the person she spoke to at the My Options helpline was not aware of this either. She was thrilled to hear she could go in and out of England in one day, free, rather than have to pay €450-plus-travel-costs to make two trips to Ireland (one for the consultation and a second after the medically unnecessary three day waiting period). If this had been the case, additional trips and costs that would have been incurred if the provider in Ireland decided the client needed a scan to determine gestation, or how much more expensive the abortion would have become if she was more than 9 weeks pregnant and could only access abortion in hospital.


Considering situation with Covid-19, me and my partner are both trapped in this country without the jobs we came here for. We are now stuck. I’m pregnant I’m not sure how long, maybe 9-10 weeks, but we are not able to keep this baby since we have no idea how long we will stay without job. This was a bad way to find out there is no abortion in Malta.

“I would like to get some information regarding my problem, as I am 6 weeks pregnant and I am facing a problem with an abusive relationship with my partner, in my opinion this baby is going to face a lot of problems and I am not ready to keep this pregnancy, I wish to get pills to remove before it will be too late, can you help me with this please?” 


I have been living in Gibraltar, and am pregnant. I am wondering if you can help with where I can acquire some sort of abortion service as I have been searching online and there does not seem to be any options in Gibraltar. Given my financial situation I can’t afford to fly elsewhere.


I am 15 weeks pregnant. During a visit to the gynaecologist I was told the foetus most probably has Trisomy 18 or 13. Until recently I thought I would undergo a termination procedure in Poland. Now I’m lost in all this. I don’t know what will happen to me next. I feel helpless in the situation that the “government” has created for us.

One client and her partner did not need funding other than us booking their accommodation, but we were able to provide all the letters they needed to cross borders and stay in hotels during the pandemic, as well as accurate information about what testing was necessary.

I need your help to organise a trip to the Netherlands to have an abortion. I have made this decision after a long time of reflection. My situation is very complicated, I have no support from anyone, I do not have a car and will have to travel by bus or other public transport. I know that after my return I will have to quarantine in Poland.  If possible, I would need support to arrange an appointment and an interpreter on site at the clinic. My English language is unfortunately at a basic level. Can you help me?

We would like to thank you sincerely for your indescribably great help and kindness… the procedure and everything connected with it went smoothly and successfully. All your help and support, financial, mental, organisational and much more was incredible. I don’t want to write that our pregnancy was a matter of life and death, but actually it was. You gave us a chance for further life. I don’t know what else to say, we are still so shocked and grateful that there is still such a thing as genuine, honest kindness and selflessness “just like that” in this world, and that we have experienced it in such a colossal measure from you.