If you are travelling for an abortion, Abortion Support Network may be able to offer you:

Please call, text or email us to get more information, or discuss your circumstances.

As of 1 January 2019, abortion is legal and available in the Republic of Ireland, on request up to 12 weeks, and beyond in certain circumstances. You can call the My Options freephone helpline 24/7: 1800 828 010

There’s also information available on the My Options website, and from the Irish Family Planning Association. If you find you are not able to access an abortion in Ireland, we are still here to help you, and the rest of this page explains what to do next.

Since October 2017, those resident in Northern Ireland can access free abortions in England, and those facing financial hardship should be able to access financial assistance for travel direct from clinics in the UK.

ASN is here to help those in NI who fall through any cracks in the government scheme, and those in the Republic of Ireland who are cannot access abortion care at home.  We continue to be here to support those in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (post 12 weeks as there is provision in the Channel Islands to 12 weeks). We generally help people travel to England but in some cases can help with clinics in Belgium or The Netherlands if necessary for reasons of cost or immigration status.


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On this page:

What happens when you contact us

  • An ASN volunteer will speak with you, or call/email you back. Please leave a voicemail with your contact number if we do not answer the phone.
  • ASN will assess your needs and provide confidential, non-judgmental information and advice on the least expensive method of abortion and travel.

If you decide to travel for an abortion:

  • Please do not book travel until you have spoken with ASN
  • If a grant is awarded, ASN pays the clinic directly, reducing the amount you pay
  • You arrange your procedure and travel, with assistance from ASN on the least expensive flights
  • ASN will arrange for one of our hosts to house you (if needed)
  • The host will provide a place to stay, meals while you are with them, and may travel with you to or from the clinic
  • If you access an abortion after using our service, one of our team may follow up with you 4-6 weeks later to see how things went.

Advice before you call us

  • If you are in Ireland or Northern Ireland, please make sure you have spoken to My Options (ROI) or the Central Booking System (for NI), before getting in touch with us.
  • Try to call us before you’ve booked your appointment and travel to England, especially if you don’t have enough money to pay for your appointment and flights. We can’t guarantee that we will have enough funds to support every woman who contacts us.
  • If you call us before you book your appointment, we may be able to give information such as which clinics have the lowest fees, and the most cost effective method of travel from where you are.
  • If we are able to provide you with financial assistance or accommodation, we will need to obtain some information from you, including your name, how far along you are, and your financial circumstances. Your communication with ASN volunteers is non-judgmental and confidential and we will not share any of your details other than if we need to arrange funding with a clinic.
  • ASN volunteers are not doctors or counsellors, so we are not qualified to give medical information about abortion or help you to make your decision. There are reputable organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man who can talk to you confidentially and give you unbiased information on all your options, including travelling abroad for an abortion. See our list of other organisations who may be able to help.
  • We will do our best to return all voicemails, texts and emails within two days. However, our helpline is staffed by volunteers and we can’t always answer the phone. If we do not answer, please leave a voicemail with your phone number. 
  • ASN does not ask gender when communicating with clients; nor does gender identity influence grant eligibility.

About the help we offer

Financial assistance

ASN is here to help lessen the financial burden of travelling abroad to get a safe and legal abortion. Funding is available from ASN on a case by case basis, depending on your circumstances and availability of funds. We have limited funds, but try and help as many women as we can. Our grants have ranged from £20 to over £2000 depending on a number of factors. We expect people to arrange the least expensive method of abortion and travel where possible.


If you need accommodation in W London, S London, Essex, Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham, ASN will assign one of our hosts, who will provide an appropriate sleeping area in their home for you. They will also provide meals and pay local transport costs when you are with them. Our hosts are not able to accommodate children, nor are children allowed at clinics, so you will need to arrange childcare if necessary.

If you are staying the night after your procedure, a host will collect you from the clinic, and take you to their home. When staying the night before a procedure, they will arrange to meet you at a convenient location between the airport and their home. All Abortion Support Network volunteers are carefully interviewed, screened and trained, and believe in a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion.


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