Coronavirus update: Abortion Support Network is closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation. As long as borders and clinics remain open, we will help those who are able to safely travel access abortions abroad. We will also provide information on safe abortion pills for home use where appropriate. If you need an abortion, please get in touch and we will help you as much as we are able. Coronavirus is simply YET ANOTHER obstacle faced by people living in countries with inadequate provision of abortion services.

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Get Help – I’m in Northern Ireland

As of 15 April 2020 there is provision of early medical abortion (up to 9 weeks 6 days) in Northern Ireland

To access this service, contact the organisation Informing Choices NI (formerly the Northern Irish Family Planning Association), on 028 9031 6100. Informing Choices is staffed Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm but if you leave a voicemail they will call back the following work day. They can either offer pregnancy options counselling or tell you of your nearest early medical abortion service. You will need to attend a clinic to get your tablets.  

If you are more than 10 weeks pregnant, you will, at least during the Covid-19 pandemic, need to travel for your abortion. However, you are eligible for free care in England. Ring the bpas central booking service in England on 0333 234 2184 and you will be helped to book an appointment at the clinic best for you.  

If for some reason you are told you do not qualify for free care in England, please call, text or email us to get more information, or discuss your circumstances. 

If you call us, please do leave a message with your phone number so that we can return your call. As we are all volunteers, calls can occur during business hours or in the evenings – we will try and call when it’s convenient for you.  We are not a hotline but try to return all calls texts and emails within 48 hours. 

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On this page:

What happens when you contact us

  • An ASN volunteer will speak with you, or call/email you back.  Please leave a voicemail with your contact number if we do not answer the phone. 
  • Our first question will be if you have contacted the bpas Central Booking System to see if you are eligible for free care in England, and whether or not you meet the requirements to have your travel costs covered by the UK government. 
  • If you are unable to get help with travel costs, ASN can advice on the least expensive method of travel, including which airlines take less traditional forms of photo ID. 
  • If you will need help purchasing your travel, please contact us BEFORE you purchase travel as we are not able to send money directly to clients. 
  • If you require an overnight stay, ASN will arrange for you to stay in the home of a volunteer (England and Holland only) or provide information on inexpensive accommodation. Hosts provide a place to stay, meals while you are with them, and in some cases can bring you to and pick you up from the clinic.  
  • If you access an abortion after using our service, one of our team may follow up with you 4-6 weeks later to see how things went.

Advice before you call us

  • Please call the Central Booking System on 0333 234 2184 to determine if you are eligible for free care in England. 
  • Please call us before you’ve booked your travel, especially if you are not eligible for a free procedure and do not have enough money to pay for your appointment and flights. We can’t guarantee that we will have enough funds to support everyone who contacts us and it’s important that you arrange the least expensive appointment and travel so we can help the largest number of people. 
  • If you call us before you book your appointment, we may be able to give information such as which clinics have the lowest fees, and the most cost-effective method of travel from where you are. 
  • If we agree to provide you with financial help or a place to stay, we will need some information, including your name, how far along you are, and your financial circumstances. Your communication with ASN is non-judgmental and we will not share any of your details other than if we need to arrange funding with a clinic. 
  • ASN are not healthcare professionals or doctors so we are not able to give medical information or help you make your decision. There are reputable organisations that offer these services on our list of  other organisations who may be able to help. 
  • We will do our best to return all voicemails, texts and emails within two days. However, our helpline is staffed by volunteers and we can’t always answer the phone. If we do not answer,  please leave a voicemail  with your phone number.  
  • ASN does not ask gender when communicating with clients; nor does gender identity influence grant eligibility.

About the help we offer

Financial assistance

ASN is here to help lessen the financial burden of travelling abroad to get a safe and legal abortion. Funding is available on a case by case basis, depending on your circumstances and availability of funds. We have limited funds but try and help as many women as we can. We expect people to arrange the least expensive method of abortion and travel where possible.


If you need accommodation in England, ASN will do our best to find you one of our volunteer hosts. Hosts provide a place for you to stay in their homes, provide meals and pay local transport costs when you are with them. Our hosts are not able to accommodate children, nor are children allowed at clinics, so you will need to arrange childcare if necessary. Accommodation is only available for those having surgical abortion. We also have a relationship with a group in Holland that provides similar assistance. 

If you are staying the night after your procedure, a host will collect you from the clinic, and take you to their home. When staying the night before a procedure, they will arrange to meet you at a convenient location between the airport and their home. All Abortion Support Network volunteers are carefully screened and trained and believe in a woman’s right to have an abortion. 

You can find out more about the services we offer to those in Northern Ireland in our NI FAQ.

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