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Updated 25 November 2020

The news out of Poland has driven many people to contact Abortion Support Network (ASN) and our Abortion Without Borders (AWB) partners with offers of help. We appreciate that you want to get involved and welcome you to the movement! We are also all very small, largely volunteer run organisations, with limited capacity to recruit, interview, train and manage lots of people at once, and also due to Covid opportunities are currently limited. We recently received a large number of applications which we are working through. 

This means that, right now, we are not seeking additional volunteer applications.  Sorry! Please bookmark this page, sign up for our newsletter, or keep an eye on our social media for future volunteering opportunities.   

A note on hosting

Many, many people have contacted us since 22 October offering to provide accommodation to women travelling for abortion, or to travel with them to and from clinics. This has always been a big part of what Abortion Support Network and our Abortion Without Borders partners do. However, during Covid-19, not only is it not possible for us to provide accommodation in volunteer homes, but the clinics and hospitals are not allowing support people into the clinic with people having abortions. This includes partners, parents, and friends. It’s important to note that even when companions are allowed in clinics, they are kept in the waiting room while the patient goes elsewhere in the building. The only time a support person is allowed in the clinic during Covid is if the client meets the legal definition of vulnerable, and in those cases we have volunteers, already trained, living near those clinics and willing to help. These support people are also confined to the waiting room and do not go through the process with the woman. We very much look forward to a time when we can recruit and train more hosts. In the meantime, however, we provide all clients with very clear directions on how to get to and from airports and hotels, and from hotels to clinics, and we have people on call to speak with them should they need further assistance while they are here (or whatever country they have travelled to).


How to apply for volunteer roles

To apply for any role with Abortion Support Network (with the exception of trustee roles) please download and complete a copy of our ASN-Vol-Application-Form-2020. This should be returned to [email protected] before the closing date stipulated above.

If you have any questions about a role, please email [email protected]. If you have any questions about ASN or AWB as organisations, please email [email protected].

Speculative applications

Got a great idea, or a brilliant skill, and want to work with us but don’t see a current vacancy that’s right for you? Please email [email protected] with an idea of what you’d be interested in doing for us, a bit of background about you, and any other information you think we should know.

For regular news about ASN, please sign up to our newsletter. We only need your email address and promise not to pass it on.

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