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Yes! Yes! Yes! But…

We’ve cried, we’ve laughed, we woke up to (or stayed up for) the best news imaginable after the referendum of 25th May. You may well have done too.

While we are thrilled, delighted, bowled over, wowed and amazed at the results of the referendum, the ASN phone is still ringing.

As of right now abortion in Ireland is still illegal in almost all circumstances.

While there is now scope for Ireland to legislate for abortion, it will be some time before this happens. Read our FAQ about what this all means for ASN.

As long as ASN is needed, we’ll keep funding abortions. 

Despite the (AMAZING) results of the referendum, we’re not ready – or able – to disconnect our phone or stop fundraising.

Celebrate the repeal of the 8th amendment with a donation to support those who need us right now. You, and they, can count on us to be here.

“ASN was really good. I was in a right state. I didn’t know what to do. It was a lifesaver.”