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We’re not a campaigning organisation, but…

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ASN is an abortion fund and not a campaigning organisation. While we work with campaigning organisations (hi, y’all, we LOVE YOU!) our role is to help the people who need abortions RIGHT NOW while other groups campaign for law reform that will help people get abortions in the future. Of course, as evidenced by the law passed in the Republic of Ireland, it’s clear that ASN will still be needed *in addition* to law reform. But we digress. In general, ASN does not do politics. Sometimes, however, ASN feels we are in a unique position to present our learnings about how draconian abortion laws impact the most vulnerable, and we feel we need to share this with those who are doing the politics and making the laws. We’ve done this three times recently and wanted to share our submissions with you.

ASN’s letter to Simon Harris, asking for a meeting to talk about how to provide care for those not covered by the abortion law

ASN’s submission to the Women and Equalities Commission’s consultation on abortion in Northern Ireland

ASN’s response to Gibraltar’s command paper on the possibility of legalising abortion in Gibraltar.