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Top tips from past ASN Fundraisers!

WeFundAbortions fundraising tips

Talk about the incredible work ASN does. I find fundraising a great way of letting people know about abortion rights and the problems we’re still facing so close to home.

Same goes for finding venues, prizes etc. – let them know about ASN’s mission. Loads of people are really kind and willing to donate free spaces, products, etc. 

Make it fun and make sure you enjoy it too!

Anna, various fundraising activities in 2015 and 2019


Spread the word – advertise events everywhere – involve local groups, get people to help you out

Laura, organised a fundraising gig in 2012


Find something you’re going to enjoy doing to raise money, rather than something you feel obligated to do.

Nick, ran a half marathon in 2016


  1. Work out how you’re going to frame your message. I emailed colleagues and family members to ask for fundraising support thinking carefully about which parts of the ASN message to highlight.
  2. Don’t let the nature of the ASN cause put you off telling as many people that you’re fundraising as you would if you were fundraising for e.g. a cancer support charity. This is how we break down taboos.
  3. If you have an abortion story, decide before you go public with your fundraising if and how you want to share that.

Jessica, ran a half marathon in May 2018


I suppose the obvious stuff about working with ASN and others to promote it, and to make sure whatever you are doing coheres with the messages ASN wants to put out there.

Laura, has been organising fundraising gigs since 2013


I have been a runner for 20 years, on and off! I have quite a lot of half marathons and a few full marathons under my belt but it has been a while, my last race was London marathon in 2017, and I have been pretty caught up with work since then so lately my runs have been short and chatty, for mental wellbeing purposes rather than speed or distance.  I have done a few longer runs this week though and I am sure I will be fine to complete the RPH without too much drama.  I am looking forward to it and very pleased to be running for such a brilliant cause.

Celia, currently training and fundraising for Royal Parks Half Marathon 2019


Make as much money as you can.

James, currently training for a half marathon


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