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Justyna Wydrzyńska’s trial is postponed until July: update

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On 8 April, the first hearing in the case against Justyna Wydrzyńska took place in Warsaw, and was further postponed until 14 July 2022.

Key info:

  • The International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and Members of the European Parliament demanded the Polish government immediately withdraw all charges against Justyna.
  • Witnesses (including Ania’s abusive husband) failed to show up for the trial, so it was postponed until the 14th of July.
  • The judge (appointed by the Law & Justice party) denied human rights organisations, including Amnesty International, access to the trial. Instead, the judge allowed the Kremlin’s Ordo Iuris to join the prosecution – to defend the rights of the foetus and the abuser.
  • Abortion Without Borders remains in full solidarity with Justyna and with all those in abusive relationships, which makes abortion access even harder. You can count on us.
  • We will continue to fight this case, and to fight for all others who benefit from our support – especially now that we are helping refugee women from Ukraine.

We will keep you updated about further actions you can take to support Justyna and Abortion Without Borders. You can sign up to our newsletter here, and keep an eye on social media.

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