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February eBulletin

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ASN February eBulletin: Come celebrate with us 7 March!

  • ASN will hold our second AGM on Thursday 7 March, followed by a party for all!
  • ASN seeks two new Trustees for our Board
  • ASN in the media
  • ASN hears from a record 40 women in January
  • Your very own word cloud, for just £10
  • An overabundance of Pro Choice events to choose from
  • Have a spare room in Liverpool?


ASN will hold our second Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 7 March. The AGM, which is open to any ASN volunteer, will be followed by a party open to all. Come along, raise a glass, pick up a copy of our 2012 annual report, and help us celebrate another great year of helping women together. An official invite will follow, but for now please mark Thursday 7 March from 7-10 pm in your diaries. Party will be held at The Retro Bar, 2 George Court, London, WC2N 6HH. Hope to see you there!

Are you a leader?

ASN seeks two new trustees for our Board. Trustees work with ASN’s director and have two main roles: providing strategic oversight and direction for ASN and helping us fundraise. Interested? Email us to request a role description and application. Applications are due Thursday 28 February.

ASN in the news

 “These Women”, MamanPoulet’s blog written upon receiving the January ASN eBulletin whilst watching the Oireachtas Joint Committee hearings on the X Case.

“First Irish Abortion clinic opens amid controversy, threats and confusion,”  On the Issues Magazine article quotes ASN.

Women we’ve helped

In January, ASN heard from 40 women, including:

Several women seeking information on obtaining an early medical abortion. ASN was able to provide them with information about This included women unable to raise the funds to travel, women who couldn’t find the childcare they needed while they were travelling to England for an abortion and a pregnant teen supported by her mother who preferred the option of early medical abortion at home to travelling abroad.

A mother with several children whose partner had just left her, leaving her struggling to survive on child benefit. She spent so long raising £800 towards the cost of her abortion and travel that she was 20 weeks pregnant – and £700 short of the total cost of £1500. Due to the incredible generosity of ASN’s supporters, we were able to provide her with the help she needed as well as with a host while she was in England.

A woman with an unplanned pregnancy who was unsure of her options. ASN provided her with contact information for a local family planning agency with counselling facilities and told her to get back in touch if she decided to travel for an abortion and was in need of financial assistance.

A young student. Both she and her boyfriend live at home and were only able to raise £175 between them. ASN was able to provide the rest of the required funds.

A mother of three abandoned by her husband and scraping by on child benefits. The man involved with the pregnancy first promised to help with money towards the cost of the procedure but then let her down, causing her to miss her appointment.

A young teen with medical complications that could have been compromised by continuing her pregnancy. She and her boyfriend both sold their electronics in order to raise £100.

The mother of a young teen who was so afraid to tell her mum about the pregnancy that she hid it until she was over 20 weeks pregnant, hoping “it would all go away”. By confiding in a family friend they were able to raise £850 and ASN was able to donate the remaining £500.

A single mother whose partner was sent to prison for abuse. She was able to raise £100 and between ASN and the clinic waiving their consultation fee, she was able to access an abortion.

Email from a client:

“I’m writing to you as I am pregnant I’m just a few weeks maybe I cannot stop crying as it was a shock I’ve recently had a stillbirth and I cud not face having another baby I’m only 21 and I can’t face this but I’m not financially stable enough to pay for an abortion. If I have this baby I would die literally! I have to have a abortion it’s my only option! Please help I have no idea how to go about getting it done or booking options I really need help thanks for taking time to read my email and I hope you can help me thanks.”

We thank these women and men for allowing us to share their stories.

Your very own word cloud

Do you follow ASN on Twitter? Check yourself out! The fabulous Geoff’s Shorts has made a word cloud using the biographies of ASN’s twitter followers. You can view it here. Pretty cool, right? And Geoff has offered to make word clouds for the first 10 people who make a minimum £10 donation to Abortion Support Network. Let us know if you’re interested!

An overabundance of Pro Choice events to choose from

In addition to the upcoming ASN AGM and party, in February and March there are several pro-choice events to choose from! Including:

SKIRT. A Disco
Friday 8 February, 9 pm – 2 am London
Join your fellow pro-choice friends at this fab disco in Bethnal Green. £3 at the door with all proceeds going to Education for Choice.
More info here

Girl Germs ASN benefit
Saturday 9 Feb from 8 pm London
Listen large and boogie down with others in Hackney – live bands plus Girl Germs DJs playing punk, post-punk, 60s girl groups, grunge, britpop, hip-hop and pop –all with grrl singers. £4 entry with all proceeds going to Abortion Support Network.
More info here

Pro Choice Art exhibit
Launch Wednesday 13 Feb, 6-8 pm Belfast
“When they put their hands out like scales” – a photographic exhibition by Emma Campbell which features ASN volunteers. Author and campaigner Ann Rossiter will open the exhibition.
More info here 

Have a spare room in Liverpool?

ASN is seeking one or two additional hosts near the bpas Liverpool clinic. Do you have a spare room, pull-out sofa, or air mattress and the desire to have a direct impact on a woman in need? Please get in touch, and feel free to pass the word along to any pro-choice friends who live within a 30 minute commute of this clinic.

Thank you again for all your support. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to provide financial assistance, accommodation and confidential, non-judgemental information to many women who have contacted us for support.