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Can you be our fairy godparent?

We need people just like you to wave your magic wands to help ASN. Already more than 1,000 people help us to fund abortions for people in Poland, Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man.

Can you join us?

Your donations help us help people like Alina*, a single mother in Poland who was unemployed and living with her mother when she got in touch with us earlier this year. We were able to help her arrange to travel to the Netherlands, including navigating COVID restrictions and the documents required to enter and exit the country. Alina was able to pay for some of the costs, and ASN covered the remaining £819.  
*Not her real name

Every year we hear from thousands of people, and help hundreds who need to travel to access a safe abortion. The average cost of helping someone travel has increased, almost doubling since last year – if you can help us, now is when we really need you.

Last month, one of regular donors said:

I like to know that women are being helped – and as a woman who campaigned for women’s rights over their bodies in the sixties and onwards I am saddened that the struggle is still there – but want to be part of the help that you give.

Can you help us by setting up a regular donation?

Thank you.