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Emergency Appeal: Northern Ireland Abortion Pills Crackdown

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Northern Irish Police have launched a crackdown on the use of safe but illegal early medical abortion pills. As more women fear prosecution, ASN will see a spike in demand for our services.

Emergency Appeal: Northern Ireland Abortion Pills Crackdown. 

On International Women’s Day the Northern Irish Police raided the homes of abortion rights activists linked to the supply of safe but illegal early medical abortion pills. One activist, Helen Crickard spoke of feeling “violated and humiliated” by the raids. 

ASN is set to see a rise in its caseload from Northern Ireland as a result of these World Health Organisation certified pills being harder to come by. Please donate today to help us meet the rising demand for our services in the wake of this draconian crackdown. 

We also expect to see an increase in calls from the Republic of Ireland, where abortion is similarly restricted.

It is a gross injustice that women in Northern Ireland are criminalised for taking pills that are on the World Health Organisation’s essential medicines list and that are available on the NHS to those in England, Scotland and Wales. Donate today to support those who are forced to travel for an abortion.

Our target is to raise £7960, which is £40 for every client in Northern Ireland that we expect to hear from in 2017.

Your gift today could help in the following ways: 

£30 Taxi fare to and from Liverpool airport and Bpas Merseyside, where most ASN clients receive treatment

£50 After school childcare costs while mum is in England for her “work meeting” (abortion)

£100 Cost of an expedited passport for a client without other photo ID

£350 Average cost of a termination up to 14 weeks

£1000 grants for up to 10 ASN clients. Costs vary significantly depending on gestation and other circumstances

Any amount that you can give today really will help. We’re a small charity run mainly by volunteers and we’re funded almost entirely by passionate individuals like you. Thanks for the support!

*Update: Thanks for all the amazing support. We met our first target, doubled it and after meeting that, have raised it to £7960. You make our work possible – thank you!