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Who would you call for help? Daria*’s story

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You go to the hospital with stomach pains, and the doctor tells you that you are 20 weeks pregnant. Months ago, you were assaulted – and you’ve had what you think are regular periods all this time. Abortion is not available in your country, your passport has expired, and you can barely afford a place to live. Who can you call for help?

It’s sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? This is exactly what happened to Daria* in Poland, who contacted Abortion Without Borders earlier this year. She was in shock when the doctor told her she was pregnant. She was pregnant as a result of sexual violence. 

Daria* needed to travel to the UK for an abortion, but she didn’t know where to start with finding a clinic. She needed flights, and a passport to enter the UK – but her passport was expired. She didn’t know where to travel to, or where to stay.

She called Abortion Without Borders, who connected her to ASN.

We were able to get an appointment in England for within a week. Daria still needed a passport to enter the UK, but we told Daria that there is an emergency passport service at Warsaw airport, which could get her a temporary passport and allow her to travel.

Daria was very worried about affording everything she needed. She was living with friends temporarily and couldn’t afford secure housing. We worked with her to keep things as affordable as possible – one friend bought her flights, and she had a friend in London she could stay with while she was there. We sent her all the information and how to get to and from the clinic, and – thanks to people like you – we were able to support Daria with a grant of £1,495 towards the procedure. 

Abortion Without Borders is a lifeline for women like Daria. Every day, our helpline hears from people like Daria, who are facing a difficult journey to get the abortion they should be able to get at home. Poland won’t help, but we will. And so can you.

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*Name has been changed