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ASN Virtual Pet Show 2022

Our judges have spoken and now it’s over to you for the final vote in ASN’s summer pet show!  

Voting now open!

Best pet tinder profile

  • Coconut 
  • Hoshi 
  • Pudding 
  • Raymond 
Vote for best pet tinder profile

Prettiest pet

  • Ella  
  • Foxy 
  • Odin 
  • Winnie 
Vote for prettiest pet

Dynamic duo

  • Luna & Delilah  
  • Frankie & Jess 
  • Nico & Jojo 
  • Puca & Ponyo 
Vote for dynamic duo

Pets on tour

  • Lola 
  • Tony & Tina 
  • Pudding 
  • Lewis  
Vote for pets on tour

Unconventional beauty

  • Mash 
  • Mouse 
  • Nina 
  • Pumpkin  
Vote for unconventional beauty

Best pro-choice pet

  • Chocho 
  • Mash 
  • Princess Patch 
  • Evie 
Vote for pro-choice pet

Meet Your Judges! 

All of your wonderful entries have been shortlisted by our expert judges, and now it’s over to you for the final say! A huge thank to you to everyone who submitted and our judges – meet them below. 

Pip Williams, they/them

Our very own ASN superstar and vet extraordinaire Pip is back on the judging panel!  

“I have been volunteering with ASN for over a year and was delighted to be invited back to judge the pet show for the second time – it’s the perfect intersection of pro-abortion activism with my day job!” 

Where you can find Pip: 

Instagram & Twitter: @pipsuxx 

Fabian George Blake Rivers, he/him

Doctor of Vet Med/Veterinary Surgeon (Focus and training in exotics), Fabian, is also back with us for a second year.  

“Working with ASN is not only fun and enjoyable but also essential work. Empowering people with the capacity to make proactive choices about their bodies with support, care and love is how we all should live and ASN is a champion of that very message. Also I love seeing people’s family members do cute things so very happy to be part of this as always!” 

Where you can find Fabian: 

Instagram & Twitter: @dreadyvet 

Jess Bolton, she/her 

Proud dog-mum of Jess the Worried Whippet (@worriedwhippet) is the newest addition to our stellar judging panel. 

Jess proudly campaigns for reproductive rights across her social media platforms and strongly believes that everyone deserves access to safe and legal abortion, including the right to at-home abortion pills. She is also a strong proponent for mental health, BPD + ED recovery, and body positivity! 

Where you can find Jess: 

YouTube: Jess the Human and Worried Whippet / Instagram: @humanjess / @worriedwhippet / TikTok: @worriedwhippet 

Jim Healy, he/him 

Another familiar face to the ASN Pet Show is Jim, the curator of ‘Dogs For Choice’ (@dogsforchoice) and Treasurer for Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC). 

“I created Dogs For Choice to help raise fund during the Repeal The 8th campaign and I’d like to use that experience to help ASN raise funds to continue the good work they’re doing.” 

Where you can find Jim 

Instagram: @jj55555 & @dogsforchoice 

Once you have had your say, our winners will lay their paws on a custom pet portrait from three wonderful artists:

Meet the Artists!

Emily Campbell, she/her

Emily works in the women’s sector for a domestic abuse charity and spends her days creating digital content and strategies. 

Outside of work she illustrates for fun and is delighted to be part of ASN’s pet show, being a proud pet mum herself and a pro-choice advocate.  

Where you can find Emily

Instagram: @emilyjanecampbell 

Rohanie Campbell-Thakoordin, she/her

I’m originally from Birmingham and based in Edinburgh after graduating from Edinburgh college of art. I’m mixed Irish and Indian-Caribbean, like to go hiking, crocheting and drinking coffee and am passionate about reproductive justice. My work is part journally doodles, part pet portraits and musings that come to me when being blown off the top of the peatland hills. 

Where you can find Rohanie

Instagram: @rohaniecantdraw


Alex Louise Finnegan, she/her

Alex is a 24-year-old artist from Solihull, with a background in sketching, painting, and digital illustration. Since obtaining her degree in Primary Education with Art, she is now keen to take her work to new heights!   

A passionate social justice activist – as can been seen in her artwork – Alex is excited to be supporting ASN as part of the Summer Pet Show. She is also a proud pet mum to Dalmatian, Pepper, and black cat, Bauble, and is very excited to draw your lovely pets! 

Where you can find Alex


Artists’ Gallery