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ASN June Newsletter: Summer of our supporters

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ASN June Newsletter:  Summer of our supporters

  • Ran, ASN, Ran
  • Abortion is no laughing matter
  • ASN in the news
  • Women we’ve helped
  • Taking the pulse of ASN’s supporters
  • Next ASN eBulletin in August

Ran, ASN, Ran!

ASN sends our thanks to the Fab 5 who not only decided to fundraise for ASN, but did so by putting on ASN t-shirts and wearing them proudly while running the 10K Flora Mini Marathon in Dublin. They raised almost £1000 for ASN, or just over with Gift Aid. If you are interested in fundraising for ASN, please let us know!

Abortion is no laughing matter

But the wonderfully hilarious comedienne activist extraordinaire Kate Smurthwaite IS. On 30 June, ComedyDublin is presenting Kate with a group of other folks prone to hilarity, with the proceeds going to Abortion Support Network. Kate has appeared on BBC 1, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC World News and Sky TV and is a regular feature of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. More information on the event can be found here. You can also follow Kate on Twitter @Cruella1.

ASN in the news

The Guardian, 3 May 21013
Ireland’s pro-choice activists risk prison with mass leafleting campaign
“This information needs to be put into the hands of women and I hope the leaflets find their way into every women’s toilet, changing room and pub in Ireland.”

National Catholic Reporter, 22 May 2013
Ireland at tipping point with abortion laws
“The reason we do this is because we know when you restrict abortion you don’t stop abortion, you just make it that when faced with unplanned pregnancy women with money have options and women without money have babies or try really desperate and dangerous things.”

BBC Heart and Soul, 8 June 2013
After Savita
“For the majority of women who need abortions, it’s inconvenient. But the women we hear from, by the very fact they are calling a total stranger in another country and begging for money? These women are already disenfranchised.”

Women we’ve helped

In May, ASN heard from 41 women, another record month continuing the steady increase in client calls. We thank our fantastic phone team for their tireless efforts as well as our supporters for enabling us to have the resources to help these women.

A woman with several children who had lost her job due to ill health. Struggling to support her family on benefits and with her health in danger from the pregnancy, she was still denied an abortion by her government. ASN was able to help.

A young mother of two, who said, “This isn’t something I want to do. It’s something I have to do.”

A young teen with a controlling boyfriend who monitors her phone usage. Thankfully she was able to tell her mother about the pregnancy and we were able to be in contact through her mother’s phone.

“I think I’m 22 weeks pregnant and I need help. I can’t have this baby, I’ve been trying to get money together and I told the father he has just left me. I’m in college and have no money I depended on my parents and they will disown me if they knew I was pregnant. I’m getting really worried and I don’t know what to do. Anything will help. I know my time is nearly up so I’m beginning to really worry, I know I shouldn’t have left it this long but this is my last option and I can’t have this baby.”

“I am sorry to be in a position where I need to contact you. I am currently 10wks 6 days pregnant and I cannot continue with this pregnancy. I am awake every night and worried and resentful. I have children already, including one who is disabled. My ex husband was abusive and physically assaulted me over the years. After we split he hospitalised me again. I am in a new relationship and I have no finances to speak of.”

“I am a nineteen year old student. I am around 12 weeks pregnant. I’m thinking about travelling over to the U.K to have an abortion but I do not have the funds required at this moment in time. I am too scared to tell my parents of the situation that I am in. If you could help at all with this situation it would be greatly appreciated.”

“I have two very young children and the youngest was diagnosed with a severe disability. I am so scared this baby will behave the same or worse and either way I can’t handle having another child!”

A young woman who spent £400 on fake abortion pills in Dublin. After ASN was able to help with £200 towards the cost of the procedure, she emailed “I’ve been to the clinic and everything was done. Thank you for everything you give me and my children another chance thanks for your help if in the future you need for anything I am here a big thank you!”

“I am a 23 year old with a young child and have found out I’m pregnant again. I’m really not in a position to keep this baby as i am struggling financially with one as it is. I was wondering if ye could help in any way.”

We thank these women and men for allowing us to share their stories.

Taking the pulse of ASN’s supporters

We have something new for you this month – ASN’s first-ever supporter survey! We want to get to know our fantastic supporters – that’s you! – a little better. Please click here to complete the survey – it should take about five minutes. Please feel free to spread the word to friends who also support ASN – the more responses we get, the better. Thank you in advance!

Next ASN Newsletter

As we’re so late into June, the next ASN Newsletter will hit your inboxes in August. Here’s hoping for some sunshine between now and then! If you miss your ASN fix between now and then, be sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


Thank you again for all your support. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to provide financial assistance, accommodation and confidential, non-judgemental information to many women who have contacted us for support.