Thank you for your support – money raised by amazing, generous people like you is what keeps us going. However you want to fundraise for us, please be assured that every €1 or £1 you raise is so very welcome.

“I want to run the 2019 London Marathon!”

ASN was lucky in the charity ballot and has a place in the London Marathon 2019. The marathon is on Sunday 28th April and we’re looking for someone to run for us! Download the application form here and send it back to us by 17:00 on Friday 14th December 2018.

“I want something easy and fun”

We hear you! From bake sales to movie nights, get inspired and find out how to make the most of your event in our Fundraising Guide.

“I want a personal challenge”

We have hits and tips for you, from how to set and reach your target to how to keep your supporters interested – it’s all in the Fundraising Guide.

“I want to go all out!”

Excellent! The Fundraising Guide has hints and tips on everything you’ll need to start planning your big event idea.

Not sure yet which type of event would suit you best? We’ve got you covered, with an A-Z of fundraising ideas in the Guide! And whatever you’re thinking of doing, we have two dedicated volunteers ready to help you out – just email [email protected].

We’d be delighted to support you with materials, quotes from women we’ve helped, and anything else you may need to make your fundraiser a success.

Get Started – download the Fundraising Toolkit

Thank you for fundraising for ASN!