Holly Christie (Secretary) has spent nearly a decade in fundraising for a range of charities from different sectors. She supports a range of feminist causes and is particularly delighted to be able to put her flair for organisation and governance to use as the Secretary for ASN as well as helping with some fundraising!


Jema Davis has been working within the international development sector for a number of years. Previously at Marie Stopes International, she is currently coordinating an international abortion advocacy project focussed on West Africa. Having served two years as Secretary for ASN, she is now happy to combine sitting on ASN’s board with her other voluntary commitments.


Aroon Dougan has worked in fundraising and marketing for a range of non-profit organisations over the past 12 years. She has vast experience, both at a hands-on level, leading on fundraising campaigns across a range of channels and audiences, and at a strategic level. She is currently Chief Operating Officer for THINK Digital.


Paula Hamilton (Treasurer) is an Irish woman living in the South East of England. A passionate supporter of reproductive rights and gender equality, she also brings with her over twenty years of trade union and strategic campaigning experience at both national and international levels. She hopes her leadership, training, civil society capacity building, programme and project management experience will be of use to ASN. She is currently a Programme Leader for a Global Trade Union Federation.


Caroline Kelly is a Dubliner living in London and working as a lawyer. She sees reproductive rights as a fundamental part of a wider rights spectrum, key to women’s freedom and prosperity. ASN happily benefits from her forensic attention to detail, project management and analytic skills.


Andrew Moffatt was born and raised in Northern Ireland and hopes his experience across a wide range of health and social care charities will be of use to ASN. He has been working in fundraising and communications in the charity sector for over 25 years and is currently also a trustee of a gay men’s health organisation.


Dr Sally Sheldon is Professor of Law at the University of Kent and has written widely on issues of reproductive law and ethics, with a particular focus on abortion law.  She was a trustee of bpas for nine years.


Kat Stark (Chair) is a CEO in a students’ union and has 10 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in charities. She has led high profile campaigns to defend and extend reproductive rights and gender equality more widely. 



Ruth Taylor joined the ASN team in January 2018 and is focusing on working closely with Mara and the Board to strengthen this brilliant organisation and plan for the future. She also leads on fundraising. She’s been passionate about reproductive rights since she was a teenager and has previously worked for social change in international women’s rights and sport.



Mara Clarke founded Abortion Support Network between freelance jobs and raising her daughter. Until the amazing groups campaigning for abortion law reform make ASN obsolete, she’ll continue to work towards a world where “I can’t afford to have an abortion” isn’t the only reason someone becomes a parent. Until December 2017 Mara was Director of ASN, she’s now Service & Volunteer Manager, leading ASN’s operations and communications.