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Lovin Malta: ‘It Is My Duty To Discuss All Options’: Five Healthcare Professionals On Malta’s Abortion Ban

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The Abortion Support Network, a charity based in the UK, reported an increase from an average of seven per month before the pandemic to 13 in March and April and 19 in May 2020.

Since the Abortion Support Network set up a specific helpline for Malta, the process has been a bit easier for these women.” 


Malta’s abortion ban endangers the lives of hundreds of women every year; despite abortion provision being illegal, an estimated 400 women have an abortion each year. In this article, five Maltese healthcare providers discuss their heartbreak and frustration at not being able to help women seeking abortions, due to Malta’s violently stringent abortion laws and the stigma this breeds. 

“Many of the girls in the publication were pregnant before they even turned 18 themselves, while other women had to risk their life or knew they would give birth to a child with anomalies that wouldn’t survive. 

But besides women who had to go through having an abortion abroad or illegally themselves, the publication also includes stories of healthcare professionals who have to live through not being able to help some women out because of their country’s archaic laws.” 

Read the full article here: ‘It Is My Duty To Discuss All Options’: Five Healthcare Professionals On Malta’s Abortion Ban (