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Euronews: ‘No more women should die’: MEPs slam Poland’s near-total abortion ban

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‘Only 300 Polish women accessed abortion services in their home country over the previous 10 months on the grounds of a threat to life and death. Abortion Without Borders, however, helped 34,000 women from Poland access an abortion, which MEPs say, “represents only a fraction of the total number of Polish women needing support to access this service”.’ 


MEPs have come together to condemn Poland’s stringent abortion laws, in an attempt to prevent any more women from losing their lives due to unsafe – or non-existent – abortion care.

‘MEPs on Thursday approved a resolution condemning Poland’s near-total ban on abortion and called on Warsaw to ensure no other women die as a result of the strict restrictions.’ 

‘In the resolution — passed with 374 votes in favour, 124 against and 55 abstention — MEPs “reiterated their strong condemnation of the illegitimate Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling of 22 October 2020 imposing a near-total ban on abortion and putting women’s health and lives at risk”.’

‘”MEPs regret that, due to the restrictive legislation, women have to seek unsafe abortions, travel abroad to obtain abortions or carry their pregnancy to term against their will, including in cases of fatal foetal impairment,” the resolution also states.’

‘It comes after it emerged earlier this month that a 30-year-old pregnant woman, named Izabela, lost her life to septic shock. Activists claim her doctors did not carry out a life-saving abortion, waiting instead for the foetus to die because of the legislation.’ 

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