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We help people access safe abortions

Abortion Support Network helps people who need to access safe abortions. We provide information on clinics, travel and accommodation, and provide financial assistance to help with costs for those who need it.  We do this for women and pregnant people resident in Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Malta, Gibraltar, Poland, Romania, Hungary, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and the other EU countries on a case-by-case basis. We are currently helping people impacted by the war in Ukraine.

Funding is available depending on financial need and ASN’s available funds. Please contact us before booking travel as we can advise on the least expensive clinics and methods of travel.

We can also provide information about reputable providers of early medical abortion pills by post. If you are considering ordering abortion pills online,  please read this first.

ASN is an inclusive organisation, and we don’t ask clients how they got pregnant or why they want abortions. Find out more about ASN and how we work.

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Find out how ASN works and what help we may be able to offer you. 

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It takes a village to make abortion accessible, we can only do what we do because of people like you. Can you donate to support our clients who need abortions?

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